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JC and I have posted several times about usage, behavior, and actions that will not be tolerated. I had hoped it wouldn’t come to this but clearly it has. With a new coach and increased university emphasis on mens hoops, I now realize that this board may attract new folks who aren’t familiar with the norms established on the old board. Therefore, we’re going to be establishing an explicit Terms of Service that we expect all users to abide by. Just as we solicited suggestions for technical site improvements, we’ll also post a draft and solicit suggestions on the TOS. But in the meantime, we have suspended bronconoobs account based on his vulgar profanity and personal attacks on players and other users.

While we draft up the site terms, please remember the three rules of this forum that existed since day 1: … Keep it Clean, Keep it Classy, and Keep it Respectful. If these are broken you will be warned (probably a few times) and called out for such actions. If actions continue, you will be suspended from the site.

Thank you for your active commitment to this forum, Bronco basketball, and the University as a whole. Go Broncos!

Taylor T. ’08

And for those needing a reminder, here is text from a thread we posted a while back…

Absent profanity and personal attacks on character, intelligence or the like, we won’t ban posters or delete posts. How this will be defined will depend on tone, perceived intent and context; a tweak is different than an intentional and obnoxious insult. To paraphrase Potter Stewart, “We’ll know it when we see it.”

There is a diverse level of interest, knowledge and insight about basketball and the team on this board. While some posters may know or understand more than others, no one here is John Wooden, Don Meyer, Greg Popovich or Bob Knight (and I don’t think they’d agree on everything). No one has definitive insights about the game, the team or the players.
If you are a fan, a player or parent who follows this board, you are welcome to share your opinions. Similarly, if you read an opinion or observation that you find particularly negative, disrespectful or off-base, you are welcome to respond.

You can also ignore the post.

How we react to words determines what power those words have. If you truly find something posted to be outrageous or over the top obnoxious, don’t give it power or credence by reacting to it.

Ignore it and let it live or die in the vacuum of its own words.

Most of us are here because of a common interest in Santa Clara basketball. Those who have followed the team for a while can genuinely see a positive future for the program. There will be disagreements about the path, pace and approach to that future, but you don’t have to respond to anger or vitriol as we watch the program grow and improve.

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