Otchere VC to Stony Brook

Updated on April 2, 2018 in Recruiting News
8 on March 31, 2018

Well, we did not get this kid……


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7 on March 31, 2018

Already got a freshman that does pretty much the same things.

on March 31, 2018

Well…yes and no.
Otchere more of sure thing and ready to contribute immediately, older and proven ability vs. college guys, whereas Edwards is more of a ‘potential’ kid who may take a year or 2 to be ready at the D1 level.
Edwards may turn out to be good shot blocker but Otchere is proving it and was posting some crazy shot blocking #’s….I think ~3/game in only modest mins (~20mins/game, maybe less).
Fingers crossed we either bring in another true big who’s ready to play immediately and/or Edwards has a steep learning curve and is able to contribute in some fashion sooner than expected.

on March 31, 2018

You’re talking about a big in JUCO. Numbers can be pretty misleading. It’s pretty guard heavy down there. 

Otchere ending up at Stony Brook, even though he’s a NY guy, suggests maybe he’s not as good as his numbers say. Iona is a NY team and they recruited a 7-2 freshman and presumably cooled on Otchere. I submit SCU probably did the same thing when they got Richards.

on April 1, 2018

My guess would be the staff is probably looking at the transfer market and 2019s and beyond at this point.

on April 1, 2018

Maybe but at least Otchere did what he did vs. college players, 18-21yrs. old. Guard oriented or not still likely to go against some decent 6-6 to 6-8 guys. Checked out his team and stats when news 1st broke we were recruiting him, my recollection is there were several 6-6+ kids on his squad playing more minutes so not all guards.
Edwards playing against high school kids, probably a lot of teams w/ 6-4 centers.
All things considered i’d take Otchere but no biggy, I figured it’d be a bit of a long shot to get Otchere as East Coast kid to come out West plus we were just 1 of a ton of schools to offer him. Who knows why he chose Stony Brook, maybe they were on him earlier….style of play, playing time, connections to coaches, academics, location and proximity to home….ton of variables involved in a kids decision, they don’t necessarily pick the ‘best’ program.

I like Edwards length and athleticism, but not going to get my hope up he can contribute right away like Vrankic given Edwards lack of hoops experience and what appears to be a very raw skill set….probably going to take some time.

on April 1, 2018

Stony Brook is in the freaking America East. Do the math. Dude’s probably not that good.

on April 2, 2018

Did I miss something? Who is Edwards?

As for Richards, I don’t see him contributing this year at all.  We’d be better off using Roche even with his limited mins on the court….  Richards is a very raw project.

on April 2, 2018

Yes, Richards not Edwards, my mistake.

And yes I tend to agree w/ you on Richards. Has potential, nice length and athleticism but very raw skills especially offensively. The articles I could find on him allude to being new to the sport, inexperienced, etc. so understandable that his skills, especially offensively need a lot of work.

If the roster stays as currently composed (which I think is unlikely) i’d rather see Richards redshirt and do the best we can w/ Jaderston and Roche at the 5 w/ Vrankic maybe getting a few mins there as well when matchups are favorable. I feel strongly the 4 is the best fit for Vrankic….expecting him to average more than 5-10mins at the 5 on a regular basis would be a major concern (rebounding, interior D).

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