OT: Santa Clara Alumnus wins Rhodes Scholarship

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0 on November 20, 2017

Sean Reilly, class of 2016, was awarded the Rhodes Scholarship.


He is SCU’s fourth winner, two of the others came recently (’09, ’13), and the other, Arthur Hull Hayes, whilst the Broncos were the defending Orange Bowl champs (’55). He went on to be the commissioner of the FDA.

Great Job! Winners are awarded by region, either where they are from or where they go to school, so SCU perennially competes with Stanford and Cal (though of course an SCU student could also represent their home region). For example, Stanford won one for the NorCal region, but 4 overall- including for the region I live in, Colorado, because the kid was from Boulder. Aven Satre-Meloy, SCU’s winner before this one, represented his home state, Montana. 

Regardless, the competition is imminently stout. I personally find this to be awesome.

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