New WCC Commissioner

Updated on March 20, 2018 in Coach Chatter
1 on March 19, 2018

There’s absolutely no reason to be excited about this, as far as I can tell. Similar hire to Holtzmann, who was a complete nothingburger as commissioner.

Jamie Zaninovich was a force for the league, an advocate, who actually seemed to care, to like the league, and to try to leave it better than he found it- which he did.

The Pac-12 just had their worst season ever, and I’m talking Pac-12/10/8/PCC/AAWU history, in football and basketball. I understand she has nothing to do with football, but still. The Pac-12 is not where we need to look for inspiration. The Pac-12 has a horrendous television deal that has left them at a significant competitive disadvantage. Pac-12 men’s basketball, for which she was the primary liaison, was an embarrassment of national proportions this season.

The Pac-12’s model is so far removed from the WCC’s that it is irrelevant. We need someone with experience in the Big East or a basketball centric conference. Why the WCC itself, and member institutions, perpetual fail to hire people with experience the only other all-basketball, smaller, faith-centered conference continues to astound me.

At a time when Gonzaga, and potentially BYU are imminently considering leaving, we need strong leadership at the WCC. Time will tell if she can provide it.


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0 on March 20, 2018

Agree ‘Nashty. Her PAC-12 role seemed to be mostly on the day to day operational side. Would rather see someone w/ a stronger background in marketing, media contracts, negotiating partnerships, etc.

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