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Article in The Santa Clara:

What are your thoughts?

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Why is Jerry Smith doing all the talking and (Fab Melo) Renee nowhere to be found.  On Another note, why will student athletes have to use a meal card to pay for snacks if I am reading this correctly.  If true, that is so Bush League.  Athletic departments worth a salt provide snacks and drinks for their athletes free of charge aka Refueling Stations.  If students have to pay for this it would be totally embarrassing.  Regarding Fueling Stations, I was told Renee had told every head coach in a meeting 2 1/2 years ago that they would have a Fueling station for athletes within the next 2 months.  Almost 3 seasons later, still talking about it.

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Agree, it was strange that the AD was not quoted.  I know that they had wanted to keep it under the radar until the money was raised.  They need to get this finalized and get shovels in the ground, this new facility would help all programs.  

Yes, I hate it when they get stuff wrong, it makes it harder to clarify later.  As far as I’ve heard this facility would include a fuel station (like most other D1 schools have added).  This is not a full cafeteria, it would be a place that you could grab a banana and gatorade while working out.  Or grab an energy bar or a protein drink.  These stations are just for D1 athletes, not for all of the students.

They should have set one of these up in Leavey already, small dollars and would benefit the athletes.  


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